Distillers Limited Release
Critters Distillery Australia

Distillers Limited Release

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**Limited Edition** 

Be the owner of the very first spirit batch produced and released from Critters Distillery Australia. 

Only 250 bottles (500mL) produced. 

Produced and fermented on-site from a single origin wheat malt blend with caramel molasses base the Distillers release has a little more bite than our Original Vodka. 

Tasting notes: An aromatic sipping Vodka, with a note of citrus fruit such as grapefruit and lime. A bold body of dark wild plum with a hint of star anise. Unfiltered this vodka has a smooth mouthfeel that finishes clean over the palette. 

40% abv

Best enjoyed neat on ice. 

Each bottle is hand labelled.

Made from Australian raw ingredients.

Finished with a French 500ml decanter and wooden stopper.