Critters Distillery Australia


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Critters Distillery Gin is a modern contemporary styled Gin that steps away from the traditional London dry.  

Meticulously brewed, fermented, and distilled in-house from a mash blend consisting of small-batch single origin wheat malt and 100% cane sugar.

Using locally sourced endemic Australian species for our botanicals, such as Davidson Plum, Finger Lime, Lemon & Aniseed Myrtle, Rosella flower, and an organic Juniper, our Gin is light and floral whilst still maintaining a fresh juniper base. 

Presented in a French 500ml decanter and wooden stopper this incredibly smooth Gin is best enjoyed with your favourite Mediterranean tonic and garnish.  

Offering full paddock to glass transparency without importing any ethanol into our distillery, each bottle is hand labelled and served at 42% abv.